The Easter Quest.

So there I was Thursday evening, finished work for the holidays and my wife out for the evening. I poured myself a big glass of wine and settled down to watch a movie.

Then I got an urge. Nay, a veritable craving.

Watching a movie demands nibbles. Specifically; crunchy, salty ones devoid of any useful nutrients.

I momentarily despaired, knowing the (healthy) contents of our larder. Then a vision came to me:

On the way to work one morning a few days ago my wife’s voice penetrated my unawake brain as she mentioned having bought some crisps.

So I toddled off happily to the larder. It was crispless.

Then I tried the pandemic-stockpile-overspill larder in the utility room. There was still a notable lack of salty, crispy goodness.

Kitchen cupboards? Nope.

Cupboard under the stairs? Nope.

I gave up, assumed I had misheard her, and ate a handful of nuts instead.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny. Over breakfast I recounted my fruitless search of the previous evening to my wife and said “I could have sworn you said you’d bought crisps.”

The reply was an enigmatic look. So off I went outside to hang the washing out to dry.

On my return, there on the kitchen worktop was a packet of crisps….

I have learned two things from this:

  • Never play poker with my wife. I’d have no chance.
  • Somewhere in this house there is a secret stash of snacks.

She is working over the Easter hols. Guess what I’m going to be doing……



  1. Oddly, I do hide things. Mostly to keep myself from eating them! Alas, my memory seems to be very good for stashes of snacks and not so hot for really important things! Good luck on your search. Everyone needs a snack cache raid now and then!!

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  2. Somewhere in this house there is a secret stash of snacks.


    That reminds me, yesterday, I was looking for a seasoning packet and searched f’n everywhere, and then everywhere some more. Finally, I asked the hubby, who was napping, “Look, just admit it, okay, I won’t get mad, but I’m going crazy looking for this seasoning. Did you throw it away?”

    Needless to say, I found it in the fridge.

    Where I put it.

    Happy Hunting!

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    1. Still not found it Lani. I know it exists – further items have appeared since.
      HaπŸ˜‚. I’m always doing stuff like that too! And putting stuff in ‘safe’ places so that ‘then i will remember where I put it’……

      This week I gave my wife a birthday gift that I bought for her in 2020 then lost for three years.

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