“You should draw…….”

The Hoverfly photo last time seemed popular so here are some more. Flowers are Haemanthos albiflos (white) and Conophytum tantillum ssp inexpectatum

My last post, with my gothic vampire art, has inspired me to write this.

Apart from a couple of trusted people nobody got to see it in progress because I didn’t want it populated with other peoples visions. And many of the people I know IRL would see the picture as creepy or disturbing and want me to stick to flowers and butterflies…

I am also going to use my work friend Sarah as an example here. (I have two arty friends called Sarah, one is ‘work Sarah’ and the other is ‘Berlin Sarah’).

Work Sarah is a very talented painter in oils, specialising in wildlife, especially birds. However, due to familial emotional blackmail, she has had time for nothing but superhero murals for assorted children’s bedrooms for several years now. She jokes about it but I can tell she is a bit fed up.

Personally, I don’t mind drawing the odd commission or idea from friends/colleagues, provided the subject is something I am interested in and/or a true collaboration. Unfortunately, people seem to think that I am stuck for ideas, rather than stuck for time, and keep offering ‘helpful’ suggestions for my next project….

I am a people-pleaser. So all this ‘help’ does is make me feel guilty for working on my ideas, rather than theirs. Which distracts me. Or makes me rush my work so I can fit in something for them too.

I bet writers have the same problem. “You should write a story about x, y or z” probably comes up a hundred times at every book signing.

I could be hard-faced about this and say “If you want me to draw your vision then I will treat it as a commission and you can pay me”. Sadly I am too nice. I just rant about it on here instead πŸ™‚

Do you other creatives get this as well?


  1. Those photos are fabulous! Don’t feel guilty, you are on your journey, not anyone else’s. The help is probably coming from a place of love! (but slightly annoying, I agree!) Hope you are good, good to see you again! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend

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  2. Yeah, I’m stuck on Berlin Sarah vs Work Sarah – hahahhaa

    Actually, the husband is an artist and he REALLY REALLY REALLY doesn’t like it when other artist ‘pander to the public’ but we know why they do, hello, making a living, and other ppl telling him what he should do.

    I, on the other hand, have had to be more open-minded to suggestions. πŸ˜›

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Sarah is definitely too nice. In fact one of the pieces I did as a favour was one for a relative of hers so that she would stop nagging Sarah to do it…
      I think you are more creative than me by the way. My style is more illustrative and literal – which makes me a target for those wanting pet portraits etc. I wish I could be as free in my work as you are.

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