The Changing Seasons – March 2020

This challenge is hosted by Su from Zimmerbitch. You can find out how to participate at the end of this post!

Well, this month certainly saw plenty of change. In the UK, Covid 19 was a cloud on the horizon at the end of Feb, but has now changed most of our lives beyond recognition. Others have blogged about it so I am not going to.

That said. I was quite tearful this morning when I saw the latest message from REMs Michael Stipe on youtube. Including this song he has recorded from lockdown. I have always been a huge REM fan and thought I would never hear new material after they broke up. Though a solo effort this song would fit perfectly in to the band’s later albums. To hear Michael’s voice again is such a treat. Great song too:

Next, a big thank you to Mel, who has been using my photos for inspiration again. Lovely to see her back again.

Last month I mentioned a great song by Basia Bulat. The album on which this features was released on Friday and is available to stream on Youtube and buy in various places:

There has been some creativity this month. Here is a detail from the corner of a new piece of extremely non-botanical artwork. My wife would say: ‘Ooh. Funny bugger drawing a funny bugger’.

Good news is that I bought a new lens for my camera phone off ebay, with the intention of fixing it myself. Now the lockdown is in place I dare not do it for fear of wrecking my phone and not being able to get it repaired properly…

Some of you will have seen on Instagram that I took pictures of fossils. This lobster did not make it to Instagram:

Hekkin’ Loobster, as my hero Tucker Budzyn on Youtube would say.

We visited Molly – see previous post. When there we chatted with a talented young craftsman building his own workshop as a traditional peg building:

March highlight is always the joint Alpine Garden Society/Scottish Rock Garden Club show in nearby Kendal. It just managed to take place, albeit with reduced visitors, prior to lockdown happening. It will be the last show of the season, sadly.

Last day of the month I was out annoying the ants for reasons which will eventually be made clear…

Spring is, well, springing. So here are some photos from the garden!

If you would like to join in, here are the challenge guidelines:

The Changing Seasons Version One (photographic):

  • Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery that you feel represent your month
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.
  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons so that others can find them

The Changing Seasons Version Two (you choose the format):

  • Each month, post a photo, recipe, painting, drawing, video, whatever that you feel says something about your month
  • Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!
  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons so others can find them.

If you do a ping-back to Su’s original post, she can update hers with links to all of yours.


  1. Oh! So wonderful to hear Michael again!! Thanks for the link, Darren! 😍 And thank you for all the lovely flowers, they’re as always a wonderful treat. That workshop in the making is amazing! Wish I could do that! 😄 And what a funny bugger – looking forward to see the whole design! 😉 x

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m a bit teary listening to the song. REM has been a huge part of the soundtrack of my life and this is just so wonderful.
    It’s lovely to see spring flowers in your garden. Flowers and music make my heart sing.
    Hoping you are safe and coping. Sending much aroha.


    1. You too eh? That voice just took me right back. What a wonderful surprise it was.
      We are safe and doing ok. Am working from home as much as I can without lab access. But am taking leave next week to work in the garden.
      Stay safe. X

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  3. That song was lovely! Your month covers the whole spectrum of creativity: music, art, hand craftsmanship! The clown is so detailed and delicate–I look forward to seeing the whole piece! And the lovely lovely flowers from your garden. Thank you, and be well!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It must such a luxury to have your own workshop, Darren, and a bit of space to play around in the garden. I’m looking forward to even more spring colour next month.
    Your clown is so bright and cheery. I really love it. I don’t suppose you are going to be drawing some ants soon? They are such marvelous little creatures. There should be more appreciation of them, I think. Only they must stay out of my chocolate and kettle. One of the interesting ants we have come across lately is tiny and has the ability to survive being microwaved!!
    Take care, Darren. I’m assuming that you are not going into your uni office at the moment due to the lockdown?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tracy😍.
      The ants thing was because Dominique has an idea using one of our existing designs using a drawing by Lisa. She wanted ant photos to go with it. I am not 100% happy with them so may be back at it again soon. I like ants too!
      Yes, the office is shut. I am attempting to do some paperwork from home and there are also online training seminars I can catch up with. Next week I am taking as leave to spend in the garden.

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  5. Sounds like you had a good month. I mean, those flowers, wow. The reddish checked ones are particularly amazing! I don’t like clowns, but I like your little guy. Wonder what the rest of it looks like? Eh?

    The woodworking details was also nice. Your world looks so pretty 🙂 (except the ants)


    1. Thank you Lani😍
      The red checked one is the snakeshead fritillary. It is a British native bulb and does very well in the garden. I grow a lot of other fritillary species but it is nice that the native one is also the most attractive.
      Glad you like the clown – I don’t like them either so consciously tried to make this one unthreatening!
      Stay safe! X

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  6. OMG! You’re beautiful photos! You did not just place that black and white one! You did not. You’ve no Idea how it caught my eye! Now… I must!

    Hugs and thank you for this lovely share!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The flowers are so beautiful! You have captured the delicate flowers oh so well! And the black and white picture is just out of this world!

    Liked by 1 person

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