30 Songs in 30 Days Challenge – Day 17 – the torch song one

My lovely and talented friend Sarah (see day 1 for link) started this challenge.

I am going to do this the way Sarah did – a song every day and with a few lines about why I like each artist and song, and why it is significant for me. I am as much about the music as the words by the way, so I have to like both if I include a song.

Please feel free to join in this challenge with your own lists!

‘Roads’ by Portishead

No preamble for this one. Listening to it as I write and it is just so beautiful.


    1. Another band I was late to appreciate. Love them now. I can listen to music ( or chat by skype) when drawing provided I have done the fiddly bits that need concentration. I can’t write with background noise though.

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  1. Music has the same effect on me. Can’t write with music on. It distracts me too much. But I love listening to music while cleaning and driving (if I am alone in the car). Beautiful song from Portishead.

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