30 Songs in 30 Days Challenge – Day 14 – the prophetic one

My lovely and talented friend Sarah (see day 1 for link) started this challenge.

I am going to do this the way Sarah did – a song every day and with a few lines about why I like each artist and song, and why it is significant for me. I am as much about the music as the words by the way, so I have to like both if I include a song.

Please feel free to join in this challenge with your own lists!

‘Everybody Knows’ by Leonard Cohen

I was very lucky to see Leonard Cohen on his final tour in 2013. It was over 3 hours of magic. I could not imagine at that time that his home city of Montreal was to play such a significant part in my own life just a few years later. His music is the frequent soundtrack to my drawing.

This was the first Leonard Cohen song I remember hearing, in Atom Egoyan’s movie ‘Exotica’, when I was still in my 20s. In this world of Trump and Brexit the words seem very prophetic and fitting.


  1. Great song, and you’re right, quite prophetic.
    I knew Leonard Cohen as a poet and novelist before I realised he was a musician too. I was given a copy of The Spice Box of Earth (collection of poetry) as a school prize and had never read poetry like it. Thus began my Cohen crush.

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          1. Know that feeling. I dragged T to an out of town gallery that was having an exhibition of work by Serj Tankian and offered to buy him a signed print as a birthday present. He said no (citing our lack of wall space).

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  2. He really knew, didn’t he? The poor stay poor, the rich stay rich – that says is all.
    It’s lovely to know that he’s the soundtrack to your drawings, Darren, from now on I will always think of you drawing when I listen to one of his songs. 😉

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    1. Funny that Montreal came to be so significant in my life too, long after I became a fan. Almost seems fated.
      It is so nice that you will think of me drawing when you hear his songs, thank you.
      Susan can’t stand him. We diverge almost totally on music!

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    1. It was funny (if annoying) when we used to watch music shows like ‘Top of the Pops’ on TV. An external observer would easily tell which songs I liked – they were the ones Susan talked through because she was not interested 🙂

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