When Fashion and Nature Collide – Earth Day


The team consists of Dominique Nancy of 3C Style in Canada, Lisa Lawrence of Lismore Paper in the USA, and myself in the UK. We work closely each month to bring you three intertwined posts with a common theme. We are all three very creative people who met via our WP blogs. We have a shared ethos and a close friendship. Our motto – ‘An ocean apart but we share the same heart’ describes us perfectly. The five hour time difference means I spend my morning commute catching up with their conversations during the night, and waiting for them to wake up so I can join in!

Make sure you visit Dominique and Lisa via the links above, to see the whole of the post.

Earth day 2019.

My contribution to this special edition is limited for reasons that are hard to explain. You would think that I would have a lot to say, working in the environmental sciences and having made a significant contribution to research that has led to Bee-killing Neonicotinoid pesticides being banned in the uk (they were banned in the rest of the EU rather earlier but our Conservative government vetoed it until the evidence (including that which I helped produce) became too overwhelming to ignore).

Truth is that my two beloved partners will express things far better than I can, plus on the holiday weekend I do not want to think about my deeply unloved day job. Plus, the whole subject is an anxiety trigger for me – unfortunate enough that I am surrounded by it 5 days a week without taking on further stress and jeopardising my recovery.

Spicy Salsa and XOXO

For my contribution you will see from the other posts that I was responsible for the dancing chillies image that we have used for items on our Threadless store:

Spicy Salsa Collage

The collages in this post were created by Dominique XOXO Chilies Collage3The O in the XOXO image was created by Lisa by digital manipulation of the original drawing.My brief was a doodle from Dominique, with hugging chillies. She knows I like hugs, I like chillies and I like drawing chillies so I was sure up for this one!I followed basically the same process, and used the same colours as in an earlier step-by-step post. But I drew them much larger than life size (20cm long) to aid good resolution for reproduction. I then scanned the image and made a few adjustments to give the red some extra punch. The final image looked far more like they were dancing and inspired the phrase “Spicy Salsa”. One of us (not me) thought they looked like they were up to something rather naughtier, which inspired me to produce a rather, er, different version….naughty chillies (1).jpgLisa came to the rescue with tweaking and formatting the ‘Spicy Salsa’ text that I attempted to create digitally.The XOXO was another of Dominique’s myriad ideas. To same time, rather than try to draw chillies in the shape of a O, Lisa kindly tweaked the original image to create the O. Big thank you to Lisa also for adding the above images to Threadless!20190317_1829558169921910725506600.jpg

And forgive me for repeating this from last week..

Welcome to new readers

I was delighted to find out that my story has been chosen as one of those featured in the current Creativity Special issue of Happiful magazine!

If you are visiting because of this article, then a warm welcome to you! Whilst the topic of mental health can be a difficult one, I hope you will find humour here. And hope too. This blog has been crucial to my own growth over the last two years, and the friends I have made as a result are a source of great joy.

I have updated my bio with more information. This particular post is part of a collaborative series that sprung from friendship with other bloggers.

Especially visit the people whose blogs I link to here, and those of anyone who comments on my posts – they are all friends and mostly harmless πŸ˜‰

If you like my botanical or other art work then thank you! It has two branches :

  • Some of my work features in designs created with my partners-in-crime linked in this post. These are very much team efforts (a lot of fun) and, as ‘Fashioned by Nature’, we have a team shop on Threadless.
  • My more traditional botanical art will be made available, mostly as signed prints, via a shop on NuMonday, but for now you can order direct from me, see details here. Three of my originals will be exhibited (and available for sale) at the Society of Botanical Artists exhibition ‘Plantae‘ from June 5th in London.


  1. I absolutely loved watching the process to these amazing and naughty chilies! I mean how can they not be hot! This was so fun for all of us. Your drawings always stop me in my tracks. Big hugs my friend!! Much love πŸ’˜

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hehe… These Chilies are hot indeed! I love this fun design Darren. You have done such a great job. Sorry, I didn’t have time to photograph the aprons. Oh well, we will include it in another post. Much love and hugs.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Congrats on the research that you were a part of, you must be proud! Great post as always, I love your drawinings, you are very talented! Hope you are well and have a fab weekend Darren! x


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