Fashioned by Nature, the love of trees.

It is that time of year again.

Valentine’s day : The day when no man can do the right thing.

As a Northern male I am expected to have a somewhat palaeolithic approach to romance. This caveman reputation is probably because of those glum buggers across the Pennines in Yorkshire.

In fact, as pointed out by Charles Nevin in his book ‘Lancashire, where women die of love’, we Lancashire men are whimsical and incurable romantics. Lancashire women, on the other hand, consider it their duty to suppress such whimsy in their men at every opportunity. This has been the premise of many a situation comedy.

I shall not comment upon the accuracy of this as my wife sometimes reads my blog and I prefer to keep my genitalia in their current configuration.

Anyway. One consequence of having female friends and collaborators at this time of year is that the day can not go unmentioned. The Fashioned by Nature team, Dominique, Lisa and I, have been working hard on romantic designs and products for our Threadless shop. Many will feature in When Fashion and Nature Collide next week.

By way of a preview, Dominique has written the text below:

If there is one thing you should know about the Fashioned by Nature team, it is that we love trees. We each have our own weird individual reasons, and we’d love to share a few of them with you right now!
  1. Trees let us live! They are literally the filter between us and the rest of the world that allows our existence. Trees suck up carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air and somehow turn that gunk into the oxygen that keeps us going.
  2. Trees let us eat! All those healthy, beautiful fruits that you eat (or don’t eat) at every meal come from trees! They also feed the wildlife that make our surroundings so lively and exciting to live in.
  3. Trees help us work! Believe it or not, the number of trees that surround you at work can have a direct effect on your level of stress at the job. The more trees you have around you, the less stressed out you get.
  4. Trees give us memories! Climbing a tree as a child is something that most of us can look back on with a bemused pride. Every one of us has built a treehouse, played hide and go seek or sought out the shade of a tree for a bit of relaxation. Ah, the memories.
  5. Trees improve our quality of life! In so many ways, trees provide us with psychological and physical benefits that are unique to them. They add permanence and character to an area. They mitigate pollution and regulate our personal ecosystems. They give us peace, warmth and comfort.
So how can we show our love to something that has shown so much love to us? We don’t think we have the perfect answer, but we certainly have a great one! Introducing the Tree Love Collection of five unique and fun tributes to our favorite earth partners.

Find your heart 

Our Tree Love Collection is an integral part of the Fashioned by Nature Valentine’s Day Collection, exclusive to our Threadless shop. Bookmark the page and come ASAP for the best deals up front!

Tree Love artwork by Lisa Lawrence at Fashioned by Nature. Photo credit below. Collage – 3C Style

What better way to celebrate the season of love than to give thanks to the things that literally breathe life into us every single day? We hope our designs will serve as a reminder to love a tree before and after Valentine’s Day as well. Mother Earth gives us everything we need every second of the day, and we owe it to ourselves to appreciate and share these gifts. 
By the way, mark your calendars. Our February Issue of When Fashion and Nature Collide is on February 20th.
Credit Photo: Creative concept by 3C Style; Photography by Annie Gaudreau @ladyhochelaga


  1. “I shall not comment upon the accuracy of this as my wife sometimes reads my blog and I prefer to keep my genitalia in their current configuration.” That made me laugh out loud Darren!!
    The work you’re doing with Dominique and Lisa is amazing, I really like the t-shirts especially the Exquisite Chemist design! Really well done all of you :O) xx

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You thought I was joking…..????

      Thank you Lisa for this lovely feedback on our work. If only you could see the blur of emails flying between us as we talk about ideas. Lisa L has worked incredibly hard this month not only on her artwork but also on formatting things for Threadless. Dominique is generating ideas at an incredible rate. Me? I am just trying to keep up! xx

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Haha… Still laughing while I’m writing this comment. Hope you’ll have a lovely Valentine’s Day dear friend. Love our team adventure so much. You and Lisa are the best. Love you both. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. Apparently it is a common trait amongst INFPs like me, let alone Lancashire men! Even the dog at the gym gave me a kiss last night. Only one I got. And he is male.

      Thank you and I am delighted you like the shop. I noticed your fantastic Toucan fabric on IG and now on your blog so will pop over for a read later Hannah. x

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Yay! Gotta love the trees. I can’t wait for my Tree Love shirt to get here. When someone asks where I got it, it will be so cool to tell them that I know the artists well! I’m so lucky to have met you three. Tree-loving hugs! πŸ€—

    Liked by 2 people

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