Behind the scenes with 3C Style!

Ever looked at a fashion blog and wondered what happens at a photo shoot? Imagining an entourage of assistants, make up artists etc?  I know I did, so I was fascinated to be involved in taking photos for my beloved friend, the gorgeous Dominique of 3C Style, during my recent visit to Montreal. You can see the end results of some of these shoots on Dominique’s recent ‘When Fashion and Nature Collide – October 2018

Essential supplies.

It appears that the only essential requirements, besides a model and photographer are:

Car full of clothes.

Diet Coke. This appears to be 3C Style’s primary source of sustenance and energy.

Chips/Crisps. Though not as essential as the coke, it appears that 3C Style is also addicted to salty snacks.


Spray bottle of water (see later).

Places to get changed. These vary from bathrooms to the car park of an ostrich farm. In the latter case with me (back turned) blocking the view from an arriving biker.





The weather.

Yes, I know, I am English so have to fulfill the cultural expectation of talking about the weather. In this case it was very warm (over 30C) for my entire visit. Great for me but not for the model wearing autumnal clothing, including pullover, for her October and November blog posts.

Photo 15-09-2018, 15 56 15

Now, that said, we did have some misty mornings. On one such morning our friend Dee Dee went for a ‘short’ walk (of several miles at an obscenely early hour to use a climbing gym. When she returned she showed us photos of misty spider webs on a bridge across a canal. Knowing that spiders were going to be part of her October post Dominique immediately seized upon this opportunity. The next morning, whilst Linda and Bill had a lie in at the hotel, Dominique and I set off to the canal. The sun was already well up and the dew had gone from the webs so the first job was to spray them to ensure they were visible in the photos:

Next, you will note that Dominique is wearing some rather fetching black boots. It was a very warm, sweat inducing, morning. We thought nothing of this until we got back to my hotel. I gave Dominique my room key so she could go and get changed whilst I chatted with Linda and Bill in the lobby.

After a few minutes my phone rang. (This initially shocked me because nobody ever actually calls me, they usually text. I even struggled to work out how to answer.)

It was Dominique, managing to laugh whilst also sounding stressed:

” Darren! Help! I’m stuck! I can’t get my boots off!”

Linda was somewhat taken aback by my sudden (rare) laughter.

Poor Dominique was on the sofa in my room, helpless with laughter because she had got a boot half off before it stuck, leaving her unable to even come back to the lobby to get our help. Luckily I had a spare key and her phone was within reach.

Dominique is not big or heavy. So she was holding the back of the sofa whilst attempts were made to remove her boots by pulling the heels. If she had not held on she would have been dragged round the room by her feet. By this stage I, too, was practically helpless with laughter.

Eventually de-booting was achieved, though not in the cool dignified manner you might expect from a fashion blogger…


Every fashion blogger needs a backdrop for their shoots, and/or things to pose with, Dominique is no exception.

The pumpkin shoot was done in a market in Montreal after trading had finished and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Here are some out-takes from the shoot:



This next pose was apparently not comfortable and Dominique was doing her best not to fall over, hence her looking like she is about to laugh (which she was):

Photo 10-09-2018, 17 12 43.jpg

Photo 10-09-2018, 17 12 47.jpg


The driftwood in the river at St Eustache, and the trees, made great props. The model did not always take this process seriously:

Photo 10-09-2018, 19 13 56

Big silver balls. We had seen these street sculptures earlier in the week but by the time we got back the local authorities had covered them with ugly yellow tarpaulins to stop the heat and reflections on such a hot day. Never put such an obstacle in Dominique’s way. So, we removed the tarpaulin from one and took our pictures. This attracted some onlookers who also wanted to take each others pictures with the big silver ball. We waited patiently until they were done then replaced the tarpaulin.

Photo 14-09-2018, 16 22 37

Then Dominique spotted a statue nearby, next to some scaffolding. She approached the young man using the scaffolding and asked if he minded being in the background of the pictures. Now if I was was approached for a favour by a beautiful woman in a short skirt and thigh boots I think I’d agree to practically anything so I was not surprised when he said yes. Hence the somewhat bemused looking chap on the scaffolding.

Photo 14-09-2018, 16 27 47

At this point Dominique was aware that she was at eye level to people approaching up the hill and they would have a good view of her undies. I was instructed to hurry up and take the pictures quickly! (Not pictures of her undies I hasten to add)

Photo 14-09-2018, 16 29 09

Wardrobe malfunctions.

We went to the botanical gardens for this shoot, with Dominique herself taking lots of pictures too. Dee Dee was very patient waiting whilst we worked!

Whilst walking around the gardens Dominique kept stopping when the unfastened buttons on her red skirt kept getting tangled in her fishnets. I am sure we all know this problem – myself only at weekends of course. After a quick change we did some more shots with Dominique wearing this black kimono dress but noticed the tear in the shoulder afterwards!


Never work with animals.

Dominique knows I love animals and told me of a snake farm and an ostrich farm near where she grew up in St Eustache. Her son loved these places so she figured, with me being an overgrown ten-year-old boy, that I would enjoy them too. (She was right)

So we went to visit with a view to taking pictures of Dominique with the ostriches for a future post.

Birds are descended from Dinosaurs. Ostriches have not forgotten this. They are evil feathery Velociraptors in a cute and innocent looking package.

Photo 16-09-2018, 17 04 12


We managed to get some good pictures of Dominique with some young (better behaved) ostriches.

Photo 16-09-2018, 17 13 34.jpg

Then we moved on to the adults, penned behind a totally ineffective fence and in possession of a wicked sense of humour..

During this process Dominique got her jewellery pulled, her hair pulled, her back pecked and her bottom pinched (I was nowhere near in case you were wondering). All in the name of pictures she might never use!


Of course she did not see why she should suffer alone so next it was my turn. Now I was not wearing loose jewellery or long hair, which limited the available targets. For some reason the ostriches therefore decided that pecking my bottom was their new favourite game…hence the somewhat pained but amused expression.


Of course, we did not learn from this experience, hence the doggie t-shirt shoot later in the week, which we used in September.

I would not have missed any of this for the world! Thank you Dominique, for the fun, warmth, laughter, friendship and encouragement as well as for being a perfect guide to your wonderful city. I will return soon!




  1. You are so mischievous, rascal, naughty, impetuous and wicked! Do not ever lose this side of you I love so much. But I’m glad the ostriches got to peck your bottom too. I miss you dear friend. And I will gladly take you back to the reptile and ostrich farms. Anytime. 😍

    Liked by 8 people

          1. I think you’ve always been, but some things kept you from being who you really are. I’m happy to know that you’ve found yourself … It’s a real pleasure to know you’re happy! xoxo

            Liked by 2 people

    1. Ostriches are HOOLIGANS I tell you😄. Hope your day gets better. I spent much of mine on the lab floor in a puddle of oil trying to fix a vacuum pump, which was at least better than paperwork. How are the Santas?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your day sounds interesting – I think I’d choose the paper work 😂 My husband is out pretty much the whole of the day and evening so I’m in charge of 2 overtired kids. There is no real way of knowing how the rest of the day will unfold! My Santa’s are finished – just waiting for their photo shoot (minus ostriches 😆)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. These photos are stunning. I particularly like the one of Dominique coming down the stairway with her face just partially hidden in shadow. Such a mysterious, beautiful creature. And what is it with her lying on the walkway again? Can we not keep her upright!? haha! That closeup of the ostrich is just hilarious!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have been trying to think of a witty response to this all day but anything I write about beautiful horizontal women sounds weird…
      Thank you for your kind words about the photos. Dominique is gorgeous isn’t she?
      Ostriches look deliberately funny so people don’t realise how evil they are!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Dominique is gorgeous, indeed. The best part is that she has an inner beauty that is truly stunning. You have that, too. It’s not easy to find that sort of thing so I feel extra lucky to know you both. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I am very touched by your words Linda. And Darren’s words as well. I know you both mean the compliments very sincerely. I find it hard to reply without sounding cheesy and yet I don’t want to simply say thank you. So I will say what I truly feel in my heart: YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!! Love you both so much. xoxo

          Liked by 2 people

      1. Although I like to laugh a lot and I don’t mind being silly, I don’t consider myself a funny person. But you, Dee-Dee and Linda are so hilarious. You all bring out the playful side in me. Thank you.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. What a great post! I love peeks behind the scenes! And good to know that the model is somewhat addicted to Coke zero. 😉 Stupid me never have it a thought that winter pics are made in summer when it comes to fashion – poor Dominique! That can’t have been easy, especially wearing those boots – though debooting sounded rather fun. 😉 And those nasty veloceraptors, eh ostriches. 😉All in all a super brilliant post! 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! I’d be delighted to take your pictures if I ever get the opportunity😊. Dominique’s experience in the fashion industry and with modelling made her a pleasure to photograph. And we have a rapport because she is a close friend and we trust and greatly respect each other’s judgement and creativity.

      Liked by 1 person

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