3 Day Quotes Challenge. Day 2

Chandra Lynn has nominated me for this challenge.

The rules are::

  1. Thank the person who nominates you
  2. Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day




I didn’t want any flowers, I only wanted
To lie with my hands turned up and be utterly empty.
How free it is, you have no idea how free——
The peacefulness is so big it dazes you,
And it asks nothing, a name tag, a few trinkets.
It is what the dead close on, finally; I imagine them
Shutting their mouths on it, like a Communion tablet.

‘Tulips’ Sylvia Plath.



I rarely read poetry but have loved this passage since I first read it. It was written about the time Plath was in hospital for surgery and felt so much at peace in the cool white room that the intrusion of a bunch of colourful tulips felt overstimulating and intrusive.

This speaks to me because on the rare occasions my mind is still and calm I deeply resent any disturbance or interruption that is overstimulating.

I long to feel the peacefulness that Plath describes.


Todays nominee is another poet! Take it away Mel!











  1. Peacefulness is something to be valued and I often find myself craving for some quiet and peace, especially because I’m living in a city. But most people seem to be happy with overstimulating their minds up to a point where I wonder if they just want not to hear themselves think…
    The poem by Silvia Plath is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us, Darren!

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        1. Bugger! Just realised that was Stevie Smith and not Sylvia Plath – just going to get my brain out from the box underneath my bed! Daddy was my favourite of Plath’s poems. All dark and depressing stuff anyway ;o) xx

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        2. Plath is one of the few poets I actually understand. I guess because I recognise much of what she writes about even though I was never an angsty teenage girl. Is there a male equivalent? Angsty teenagers of my generation made do with Joy Division.

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          1. I don’t know if boys were less angsty than girls maybe 🤔 I still find that the dark side of things interests me, perhaps I just never grew up 😜 I never really got into Joy Division – that was Love Will Tear Us Apart?

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            1. I am very much the same. I bought a book on gothic art yesterday! Yes, Love will tear us apart was Joy Division but I was never a fan either. Velvet Underground soundtracked my teens even though they were long gone. Also I was an avid reader of the more gruesome tyoe of horror novel. I have been gradually drifting back to these in recent years. Maybe I am regressing. Or maybe somewhere diwn the line I lost track of the real me and am finding him again?

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              1. Totally with you on the horror novels (and films come to that!); not sure I would have got through my teenage years without Stephen King and Clive Barker ;O)
                I think you could be onto something there Darren – at what point do we stop doing things, perhaps to please others, only to revisit them years later, perhaps to please ourselves ;O) x

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                1. Absolutely. My wife never really approved of my reading preferences and those books gradually got pushed out. I hung on to most of the King novels though. ‘It’ is one of my all time favourite books in any genre. I think once we reach a certain age we care less about trying to fit in and follow our own hearts again.

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                  1. You can’t let go of Stephen King for anyone! Salem’s Lot was my favourite – scared the absolute crap out of me – not sure I blinked during the last 100 pages :O)
                    Yes I think you’re right – isn’t it wonderful :O) xx

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  2. I’m so flattered that you called me a poet! You are too kind dear man! I do apologize for just now getting to this. Thank you for the tag. I love quotes. This whole comment thread is amazing!! You are so engaging, I love it!!!!!

    Plath is amazing! Peace and tranquility is the language that settles the soul. Hugs!

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    1. You are a poet my friend.
      This comment made me smile. ‘engaging’ is probably the last thing most people in real life would describe me as. This WP world seems to bring out something in me that is closer to who I really am -and for that I am very grateful.
      I really do not read much poetry but this is something else that may change. I am loving discovering new things and new creativity.
      Hugs to you too Mel😄. X

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  3. I totally agree with Mel. You are a poet my dear friend. And she is one as well! Sarah’s comment also speaks to me. Living in a city makes you crave for some quiet and peace. I find it hard to read when there is too much noise around me. I do love Plath. You have introduced me to her a few months ago, remember? I confess I do not know much about English poetry as it is still hard for me to understand it since English is not my first language. Even in French there are only a few poets I actually understand. 😉 Beautiful quote Darren.

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    1. Thank you sweetie. I may have introduced you to Plath indeed. We talk about so much that I struggle to remember sometimes.
      I think the thing about poetry is that it is not supposed to be easy to understand anyway!
      I could find quiet easily but I long for internal peace. Just for my mind to feel settled.

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      1. I think creative people never completely feel settled. But they do need some kind of peace in order to let their creativity flow. I hope you will soon find what you long for. You are so talented and have so much to give to the world.

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