Dispatches from the shed…

I hope the Hairy Hooligan kept you entertained whilst I was going potty?

Disappointingly I was about a day short of finishing the task. But am confident that I can do a bit each weekend morning for the next few weeks. i.e. before the neighbours are up and about. They seem incapable of doing anything quietly.

As you can see. Real pottiness was a danger by Monday. This is me repotting a Mandrake root and wearing earmuffs as recommended by Professor Sprout in Harry Potter. This picture got me accused of spontaneity. I have never been called spontaneous in my life, which only goes to show how much things have changed for me in the last year.

By wednesday evening I had spent six days on my feet in hot weather, my hands scratched to bits on potting grit and my joints were starting to grumble. A very hard 90 minutes at the gym on thursday night pretty much finished me so I am now (friday), hobbling around like a man thirty years older..

On Thursday I had to return to work. Unfortunately it was an exceptionally pants day, even by their standards.

Today, however, has seen me get an unexpected day off work due to a power outage. Even better, it is raining for the first time in two months. Hence I am catching up with friends and with blogging etc.

As it is Friday you can have some geeky plant stuff too. Below are pictures of some of the weird and wonderful bulbs and corms I have worked with this week. Many would make wonderful graphite drawings some day.

Reticulate patterned corms of Moraea elegans
Romulea discifera named for its discoid corms
Hesperantha pauciflora
Tiny flowering size corm of Gladiolus uysiae
Tiny bell shaped corm of Lapeirousia silenoides

If you were wondering what these are like in flower there are some pics of a few of them below.

Hesperantha pauciflora
Moraea elegans
Lapeirousia silenoides


  1. What a week it was for you! But you did it, the job is almost done. Happy that you are off work today and that you can relax a little. It is so nice to see how the bulbs look like when they bloom. It’s actually an amazing transformation. Just like the process by which a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. Thanks for sharing.

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          1. I bet it was! We’ve put up a little gazebo thing in the garden and we’re sipping ice cold squash … it really is rather lovely but makes me feel so lazy! If it wasn’t for the tennis (not football!) I’d be out here all day …

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        1. I am guessing that the sharp points are a defensive strategy against animals munching them in the wild. Baboons, mole rats etc will all dig up and eat bulbs. Thankfully the nearest thing we have to baboons are next door’s kids.

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  2. What beautiful graphite drawings these would make! I was so happy to hear you had an unexpected day off…what a dream! A wonderful way to spend the day repotting and those pots, I’m still thinking about how lovely they are. πŸ™‚

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  3. Love that you’re wearing earmuffs when repotting mandrakes, Darren! Professor Sprout would absolutely approve. πŸ˜„ The bulbs and corms look fantastic and I can already imganining some stunning graphite draw ings by you. πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

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