7+14=21. Another week of B&W photo challenge! Day 20..

Atgofion has nominated me to do this again so I am adding another 7 to the original 14!


Some of my pics are new, some are old, some have appeared on Instagram already (in colour). Some of the subjects have special significance for me, some have special significance for friends, some are just pretty pictures.


With regards choosing nominees. I really don’t enjoy doing that. So I am going to use this opportunity to nominate new bloggers and new followers to help them enter the fold of this lovely community. There is no obligation, and anyone else who wants to take part is very welcome to do so!

The rules are: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Today’s nominee is:

YOU – I’m about done with the nominating for now! Feel free to join in.


    1. Thank you!. This is the judges lodging house in Lancaster. Dates from the early 17th century. Housed visiting judges presiding at the court in the nearby castle. More recently operated as a museum housing a fine collection of Gillow furniture made in the city and also a museum of childhood. I can think of less scary buildings for a toy museum!
      The building is at the bottom of the alley in the pic on day 15, in which you can just see the same stone cross.

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  1. Mysterious charm! I’m very much captivated by this one!

    As the twilight hour announced its presence, the orphanage locked its doors for the last time. One solitary window remained vigilant and weary. Two tiny dark eyes colored with wide eyed curiosity, swallowed the silence in the room. Soft rays through the pane consumed the space. As the heaviness of the door slowly engulfed time, a tiny body readied itself. She removed her night shirt, her fragile back towards darkness. The sound of a whip kissed the floor as her gaze shown through glass encased hope. The scars on her back would open once more but she would no longer be a slave. The orphaned angels would hear her pleas for mercy never more. The sting was felt twenty times. She surrendered her soul as her small vessel collapsed with a smile.

    I think an email is in order. 😀

    Really love these! Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Mel, it’s so funny you wrote this because upon seeing this pic I could only think of some sort of ‘institution.’ Then I thought of you because you are scared by many buildings (haha!) and here you are writing about this one! Brilliant!

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      1. Hi!!! Yes. I have been inspired by D’s photos. Keep an eye out next week. Something is coming out. 🙂

        Almost every time I’ve come here looking at the photos, my head just starts spewing out these writes. Not sure how it happens or happened, but I finally asked him if I could publish them on Fiction. So… next week. 😉

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  2. Another gorgeous building that I could move into. I only see the beauty in this architecture while others see spooky. Interesting history on this. When you say nearby castle it makes me smile. I could spend my life exploring these types of places. One can dream. I love your pictures! 😘🌞💗

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      1. I would love to tour every castle in England. It amazes me that they were able to build these monstrous structures with manual efforts. The craftsmanship is truly incredible. I’m a romantic at heart and these castles hit me right in the heart. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. It’s food for the soul. Love to you my friend 😘💗🌻

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  3. I would love to see the color version of this one because it seems rather dire in black and white. Very institutional. I’ll be it looks totally different in color and has a very different tone…in at least two senses of the word!

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