7+14=21. Another week of B&W photo challenge! Day 17..

Atgofion has nominated me to do this again so I am adding another 7 to the original 14!


Some of my pics are new, some are old, some have appeared on Instagram already (in colour). Some of the subjects have special significance for me, some have special significance for friends, some are just pretty pictures.


With regards choosing nominees. I really don’t enjoy doing that. So I am going to use this opportunity to nominate new bloggers and new followers to help them enter the fold of this lovely community. There is no obligation, and anyone else who wants to take part is very welcome to do so!

The rules are: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Today’s nominee is:

YOU – I’m about done with the nominating for now! Feel free to join in.


  1. ‘ I’m about done with the nominating for now! Feel free to join in.’
    I love this comment, i felt the same with nominating peeps, so tried to choose new members and those with under 500 followers…..its not an easy task and you always feel you ‘should’ have nominated the other…..I thinks next time we nominate, in the rules should state…..Nominee’s….all newbies with under 300 followers…….please voluteer to take part….your pics so far are fab 🙂

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    1. Thank you😄. Could not resist. Though I notice the microscope is set at the weakest magnification and is clearly not fit for the advertised purpose at the moment. I am not sure a strong enough microscope actually exists!

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        1. Indeed. I had a discussion with Dominique too about a box full of 19th century Japanese prints I saw in there. I could not justify the £300 but was SO tempted. The cheapest of the two balances is only £28….

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  2. I was consumed by madness those days. I never knew whether he was joking or not. The scrapings continued until he found a cure, only in his dreams. By that time he had hollowed out my heart with neglectful silence. It was the loudest pain I had ever felt. To this day I see him looking through the magnifying scope. He breaks only to look at my photograph as news of the presidential election sings through his ear phones.

    “I just needed more time with you. I would have found the cure eventually.”

    He says caressing my image. The news of a newly elected president, ended with a hopeful song. I smiled but then I cried as my ghost embraced him in chills. What difference would it make. I was no longer alive.

    Hmmm… interesting what comes out. 😉

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      1. You know… my brain is weird. But when I feel a connection, it IS quick. This has been happening to me quite a lot after I got over my fear of prompts. Thank you for allowing me to let these out here. I am honored. 😀

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