Grateful friday.

I am about to start my first full week off work in a year. Professionally this has been a very hard year and, of course, I had a breakdown in June last year. But since then, in personal ways,  there have been many rewards, especially since I started blogging properly late last summer.

I was reflecting on how I have coped in recent weeks when I have been dogged by fatigue and stress. Things I have been grateful for:

  • My work friends. The ladies I work with have really looked after me but some deserve special mention. Hayley has been her usual supportive self and we hope to meet up for a coffee next week on a day we are both off work. Binoti brought me home-made curry and rice to warm up for tea last night. Heather has been doing a lot of my data processing and calculation as I have often been too tired to concentrate. Helen and Nicola both sent supportive texts when they found out about my doctors appointment on Wednesday. (I have been fighting an infected insect bite on my left leg for nearly two years and there were signs of it flaring up again. Thankfully after just two days it looks like it has responded to the latest batch of antibiotics)
  • This afternoon my colleagues arranged a little coffee-break send off for me because my taking a holiday is such a rarity!
  • Nicky at the gym. She recently returned after several months away and it has been so lovely to work with her again these last two weeks.
  • You folks. I cannot express how much my WP friends mean to me. I feel loved, inspired, amused, supported, encouraged.
  • In the last couple of weeks I have had much appreciated gifts through the post again, from WP friends:


A second Puravita bracelet from Roda. My long buried bohemian side is emerging and I am proud to wear these! Here I am holding a pot of seedlings from Morning Glory seeds Roda sent earlier!



And a T-shirt from Dominique, inspired by a blog comments conversation a little while ago! The package also included coconut snacks and Bounty bars. She knows the way to my heart!



More fun than Bubble Wrap? I’m getting there!

What I wanted to say here is a huge THANK YOU!

I go into my week off feeling positive and determined to move forwards even further.


Anyway: For those expecting a geeky plant post (it is Friday after all) I attach some flower pics taken in the last week or two.

Fritillaria affinis ‘Sunray’
Fritillaria affinis ‘Vancouver Island Form’
Photo 15-04-2018, 16 19 00
Fritillaria affinis var tristulis
Gazania krebsiana. Grown from seed provided by Silverhill seeds last year. This is the wild parent of the garden Gazanias
Tulipa aucheriana. A superb rock garden mini Tulip.
Cypripedium fasciolatum
Cypripedium formosanum

Lamium orvala, white and normal forms.


POlygala calcarea ‘Lillet’
Phlox ‘Ralph Haywood’
Turbinicarpus valdezianus

The tiny Turbinicarpus schmiedeckianus ‘macrochele’ which has a huge name. My index finger for scale!

Finally, a herb for Roda! This is one of the prostrate forms of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) which is only just hardy outside here – it hates cold winter winds! The normal upright forms we find much tougher. This form is worth persevering with for the lovely blue of the flowers.


  1. You are just adorable! And, that t-shirt is fabulous! Go Dom!!! I just want to come and sit in your greenhouse and soak up so much knowledge! And that rosemary…wow! Those blooms are amazing!

    Super D, you are such an incredibly talented man, with such a sweet and kind heart. I wish you a wonderful week off! And now, I have visions of you playing in a massive pit of bubble wrap!😂💚

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I like the idea of a Bubble Wrap Party. Let’s double the pleasure and make it a Garden Bubble Wrap Party! Glad to hear you enjoyed the t-shirt. It fits you perfectly. Now, all you are missing are shades and trousers! These handcrafted bracelets are so cool by the way. On my way to visit Roda and Puravida’s sites. Have a great week off work Darren. Enjoy this well deserved time to do the things you love most. xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Great idea. As long as Walter stay in the garden. Don’t want him near my living room. I have seen what he can do! 😊 Poor Walter… I feel bad already for saying that.

        Liked by 2 people

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