When Fashion & Nature Collide – Spring looks

Reblogging the beautiful Dominique, who is absolutely right about the UK heatwave and would be welcome any time!

What on EARTH is happening! Mother Nature has a funny sense of humor. In the past three weeks we had a lot of rain, snow storm, strong winds, very cold weather and then more April showers. No tree bloom or other signs of Spring yet. A heatwave is set over the UK for the weekend. I have an intense desire to fly over there! (I am not joking)
Since I am desperately in need of warm and color in my life right now, let’s have a look at the inspiring flower and critter pictures that have been hitting the spot for me this month.


The Damselfly

Photography by Roda Shope – Growing Selfsunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-17 023


This color palette evokes a Spring’ mood that’s kind of romantic….
Roda’s photo collage – Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola – Damselfly Photography by Growing Self
Photo Apr 02, 11 56 03 AM
Skirt – Cynthia Rowley / Turtleneck – Old Navy…

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  1. I love the damselfly photo so I was so happy to see it here! The purple skirt is so charming. I was able to see the other outfits too, the deer inspired one is wonderful! For some reason y tablets screen went black when I was trying to like and comment so I hope here is okay too!

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