Art Inspiration – When Fashion and Nature Collide

Reblogging my lovely arty friend Lisa!


April Ladybird Art

There is so much inspiration to be found in nature. Our team has chosen several flowers, critters, and fashion to feature this month. For April, my choice was based on color and the need for spring to make its appearance. The pop of ladybug red, black and white, and sunshine yellow is a feast for the eyes especially after a long winter.

The pattern on Dominique’s coat and color resembles a ladybug and also pulls the vibrant red of the turban buttercup. I also think about the textile artists and fashion designers who use their art and craft to create beautiful clothing using plant, animal, and fibers to mimic these patterns and colors. Inspiration for textiles have been fundamental in creating clothing since the beginning of civilization.

Drawn in by the ladybug, or some, refer to it as the ladybird, I was easily captured by Dominique of 3C Style choice…

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