Another Monday Critter.

One of the less glamorous contributions to Roda’s Critter Connection challenge.

This is the common Yellow Dung Fly on the South African member of the Iris family Ferraria crispa. I have seen these flowers covered in houseflies too. This gives a subtle hint that sniffing the flower would not be a rewarding experience.

There are a number of Ferraria species, some of which are more attractive and sweetly scented. The last picture is Ferraria divaricata taken in habitat by me in 1999.


    1. All creatures have their place and are all beautiful in their own way. Except politicians obviously. I love these flowers too. Crispa does well and flowers every year. My seedlings of divaricata and other species are still tiny after 18 years and I despair of ever seeing them flower here.

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