Monday Critter

A contribution to Roda’s Critter Connection Challenge.

Violet Carpenter Bee on the Cretan endemic member of the Campanula family, Petromarula pinnata, which grows on walls especially in ruins such as this one at Aptera in Western Crete.

If you want to see this, the largest of European bees, better, here is some video on youtube:


    1. They are lovely – and huge too. About 50% bigger than the biggest bumblebees we have in the UK. Apparently we do get the violet carpenter bee in the UK now, in the south of England.


    1. Thank youπŸ˜„. I am not mad keen on wasps either but can tolerate them as long as they are not trapped and angry. Moths don’t bother me but do bother my wife. Moth caterpillars can be immensely damaging in the greenhouse though so I often hunt them by torchlight.

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