A very bittersweet delivery

Today I received this package:


My normal delight at receiving seeds is nowhere to be found.

It was put together and posted just as the South African collectors of these seeds and business owners Rod and Rachel Saunders were kidnapped whilst plant hunting in the Drakensberg mountains earlier this month. Their vehicle was found 200 miles away in Durban and several suspects have been arrested. It is hoped that Rod and Rachel are being held somewhere but hope must be fading as time passes.

I have been dealing with Rachel, Rod and their office ladies for almost twenty years and many of the plants I illustrate were grown from their seeds. I really hope that this story has a happy ending.






  1. What a terrible feeling you must have had when you opened that box knowing it was one of the last things they posted before going missing. Maybe the suspects will shed some light on where they are when they are before the magistrate. I’m so sorry for you, Darren. Having a relationship like that with people who have provided you with such beauty must be special, indeed. I hope they are found healthy, if not happy.

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  2. Oh my goodness, how awful. South Africa is fraught with problems.. I truly hope that all is well and they are found safe and sound. Do keep us posted and I hope that you have some good news very soon. With very best wishes x

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