Another critter connection.

A contribution to Roda’s Critter Connection.

A green shield bug enjoying some rare sunshine in the greenhouse yesterday. These go into hibernation in the late autumn and their colour changes from bright green to bronze. This individual was probably woken from hibernation by the warmth of the sun through the glass today. It was on the same plant as the second picture taken in the summer and almost certainly the same individual.


      1. I am so sad… I am trying. Yesterday was extremely difficult. I am just such a sensitive critter… I is ok to cry and ok to be sad. I have to give myself some time. The barn just feels so quiet without her. 😒

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      1. I have never seen them in Ireland,but plenty of spiders here too😱.In Italy are very common may be they like hot summer and then they hibernate inside the housesπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈhave a good Wednesday my friend.

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      1. Thank you very much. I try to listen to my body more and respect the sigs it sends me. I no longer push through and kill myself over trivial stuff (not including this blog) and I feel I’m much more intune with the signs around me at this point of my life. I believe we always do the best to our ability at any given time and if we can believe this and acknowledge it, we find a more peaceful place within ourselves.

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  1. Beautiful pics, Darren. Lovely critter. Like the second photo a lot. Green on green. Very nice camouflage. You did capture it well with your keen eyes. Bad hearing you say but good vision!

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    1. Thank you Dominique. They are very well camouflaged aren’t they? I do wear glasses for distance but close up things like this are easy for me to spot. Years of wildlife holidays and walks trained me well!

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      1. I find it fascinating that by changing colors or appearance, some animals are able to blend completely into their environment and escape the eyes of their predators or their prey. Beautiful pic, Darren.

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