Sunny weekend

Just to let you know that I have not disappeared. (I recall wistfully the TV show ‘The fall and rise of Reginald Perrin’ about a guy so bored with his life he fakes his death and makes a fresh start. Don’t think I haven’t sometimes considered it!)

I have not posted much in the last few days because I have got rather bogged down writing three award posts, which are still not done. Plus returning to work has, as always, proven highly inconvenient. This weekend was gloriously sunny. This is such a rarity in NW England in winter that I could not bear to stay indoors.

I have caught up on reading some of your blog posts, the smartphone is proving very useful for doing this on the bus.

This cold morning I was warmed by getting a mention in a blog by my beloved friend Dominique.

So after catching up with friends and making ‘er indoors her breakfast I headed out to spend much of the day in the sun-warmed greenhouse. Most greenhouses in my part of the world are disused in winter because people think things do not grow in winter and it is true if you want to grow tomatoes etc.

My greenhouse largely contains plants that are in growth during the winter, such as bulbs from South Africa, Australia, South America and the Mediterranean, so far from looking empty it has a lot of leaves and a few flowers at this time of year. In this first picture taken from the western end you can see the back of our house through the roof glass.

From the other end you can see out through the door to my shed and to the trees beyond. These trees actually line the edge of the West Coast rail line which runs through a cutting beyond. There was a steam train this morning!

Outside in the frame this Crocus korolkowii ‘Kiss of Spring’ was bravely trying to pretend it was not still the middle of winter!


  1. Lovely post Darren, what a lively lifestyle and I particularly love the strong splash of colour from your brave crocus! Lovely sharing a mention and seeing you on Dominiques blog also and of course seeing your incredibly beautiful artwork! Onwards and outwards!!


  2. Your greenhouse is fantastic. Now I see where you get all of your beautiful artistic inspiration. I had to laugh when you referenced Reginald Perrin. “I didn’t get where I am today…” I swear he had scores of endings for that sentence. I loved that show. Eleven minutes late…some train something junction something…

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      1. When I was growing up our Public Television station would do Britcoms on Friday night. They were always 10-15 years old, but it didn’t matter, they were hilarious. Are You Being Served, One Foot in the Grave, Red Dwarf…the list goes on and on. I think they are doing As Time Goes By for the bazillionith time right now. Are there any really good Britcoms these days that I might find fun?

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        1. Well the UK channel ‘Dave’ picked up the rights to Red Dwarf a few years back and are making it again. Same cast and the episodes I have seen are good. We don’t watch a lot of modern sitcoms, or TV at all. I have caught the occasional episode of ‘Not Going Out’, which I found funny. People tell me I missed some good stuff during the years I did not watch TV – ‘Gavin and Stacey’, ‘Outnumbered’ etc. We tried watching ‘The Office’ and hated it because it was just too well observed and we have both had to work with people like that!
          The 70s and 80s were really the golden age for Britcoms. I think the US surpassed us after that – ‘Cheers’, ‘Frazier’ etc. Almost nobody seems to do real wit anymore sadly, preferring rather coarser humour or stuff so obtuse I don’t get it at all. Big Bang Theory at least makes an effort, though it isn’t as good as it used to be.

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          1. I’ll have to look for the new Red Dwarf. I loved that show. I’ve seen Gavin and Stacey, but I’ll check out the others. I certainly appreciate the suggestions. I got a kick out of your reaction to The Office. I liked both UK and US versions because they were both so cringe-able. Being set in a paper broker’s office made it doubly so because I was in the paper business and sold paper to “those” people. Ah well…

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  3. Thanks for the link Darren and your lovely gifts! I really like this post. I have to admit, I am among those who thought nothing grow during winter. Always nice to learn more about you too! Aww… I would love to be in UK right now. Here, there is plenty of sun but bitter cold (-18). πŸ’š πŸ’š πŸ’š

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  4. Happy to hear you re doing good Darren! Absolutely love your gardenπŸ’›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ and the crocus is adorable! Yay spring! Happy monday to you

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  5. Beautiful greenhouse! We were covered with another 5 inches of snow overnight. I just patiently wait for the Hellebores to break through the snow in March! One of my orchids is about to rebloom. The buds are swelling and I am so excited. It’s the little things…

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    1. Brrrr. Susan was sorting out her late fathers photo albums at the weekend and found pictures of snow lying at our old house in 1996. The next time it snowed there was apparently 2009! If I lived where you do I would have to fill the house with plants or I would go mad in winter! I will tell you an embarrassing secret – I completely fail with indoor orchids 😒

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      1. I have a ton of indoor plants! I will tell you a secret…this is the first indoor orchid I that has ever rebloomed for me!!! I think the early cold helped!

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    1. πŸ˜€ Thank you! I really liked the first few seasons of the original Red Dwarf but stopped watching when they brought loads of other people into it. Glad the new one has gone back to the core cast.


    1. Thank you Jane – I have actually just today finished writing my second Liebster award post! I am always flattered, so thank you for the third!. You have another award coming your way soon too (but not the Liebster). I will happily answer your questions but may beg excusal from nominating anyone as I find choosing people painful!

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      1. Ooh, that sounds intriguing! I know what you mean about nominating people, my first nominees were a doddle, but I’ve just received another nomination and my instant reaction was “Who do I nominate this time around?” What it is to be popular!

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