B&W and colour challenge 2

Our friend Linda the Maine paper pusher (aka Dragon Queen) has been posting a monochrome and colour version of the same picture and encouraging us to join in. Here is another pair from me. Which do you prefer? The picture is of a developing flower bud of Massonia longipes.


  1. When I saw them on Instagram, I was thinking black and white. But, now that the images are larger on my computer screen, I think color might be better. I can really see the texture on it-really cool!

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    1. It used to be called Massonia pustulata fir obvious reasons but in 2012 botanists realised that the original description of M pustulata did not fit this species so they renamed it longipes. The true M pustulata, which I also grow, is very different but ironically not as pustulate!

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        1. NW England but they are kept in a greenhouse. The Arizona climate might suit them well but I think Seattle is quite close to us climatically. They want a cool winter with some water but little frost, and a totally dry summer. My main reason for keeping them under glass is that it keeps the rain off them when they are dormant in summer. Frost is rarely a big issue here.

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  2. These are my two favorites colours so it’s gotta be the colour one. No doubt about it. But I also like the sense of mystery coming from the B&W. My guess is if the picture was larger we might feel this even more.

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  3. To make it two votes for black and white I m gonna comment here too☺️☺️☺️☺️ beautiful shot!


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