Unveiling the Super D logo!

Well here it is folks!  Dominiques guess was eerily close!

(For anyone who doesn’t have clue what is going on here – join the club. Suffice to say that ‘Super D’ is apparently my new WP nickname (read the posts and comments since part 7 of the B&W challenge if you really want to know – but I can’t promise it will make any more sense if you do). Anyway – my partners in crime friends have selected my theme song and in a rush if enthusiasm I pointed out that a superhero logo might be appropriate too – so I have designed one.)

Here it is!


It was suggested I could apply it to my lab coat at work – here is how it might look, though I suspect Roda had something bigger in mind, on the back. Incidentally – this is not a picture of me. Pigs will fly before I wear a tie in the lab!


And, given that Dominique declined to embroider it on my underwear – I have made my own arrangements:



            1. This is getting scary – I’d hold my head in my hands and groan in despair except that I have just arrived at work so that would be quite normal. Anyway – can’t go around jumping off tables – Health and Safety and all that 😉

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  1. This is awesome and I looooove it. Super D, super spicey and hot :). Dare to take a bite of me and mess with me. Hahaha. Wanna see what’s under my lab coat? Mmmh this one got away form me. Where did that came from? Lol. Just having fun with it and you should ride this one as far as it will take you. Have fun my friend. Great Logo by the way.

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