Seven day B&W photo challenge part seven and a hopefully temporary hiatus

See part one for the intro.

The rules are:

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day”.

I want to point out that if I challenge you there is absolutely no obligation to take part. Also – if I don’t directly challenge you but you want to have a go at this then please do!

Today’s nominee is: Luda


This may be my last post for a few days. I am struggling and I’m hurting. I will bounce back, I’m sure. See you soon. Darren x

Everything in life is a learning opportunity, but sometimes the lessons suck.



      1. One day at a time my friend. Limping or not we love you. Lean on your strength and durability to get things done. Pretty soon, you will be dancing… Yep, I said dancing! I’ll put on a party dress. You’ll bring your guitar, Sophie, Luda, Beckie, Nicolle and all the others will sing alone… Oh, my my, I see Roda coming with the banana and the peach she got from Linda for her birthday. Oh, oh… Super D you better learn how to fly fast. She probably has something planned for you. What? Can’t move around much or fly yet… Don’t worry. Even Jessica Jones never fully mastered to fly during her super hero career. Besides, you know Roda she is probably planning… A party!

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              1. Sorry, I obviously did not think long enough before hitting the send button. I should have been more intuitive and not talk about the wine. Me a treasure? Thank you. Does that make you an Indiana Jones of modern times? After all, you’re the one who found me and my blog and this is how our beautiful friendship started. Just know that I am here for you my friend if you need me. Stay strong.

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                1. You are overanalysing 😀. As we say in the North of England “Eee, Don’t be daft lass”. I don’t miss alcohol really.
                  Indy? I know a lot of archaeologists and they are mostly old timers with beards. This is much nearer to my description than Indy is!

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  1. Dear Darren, Thanks for throwing me a challenge, although you and I are in the same boat. Not sure what you are going through, but I have been handed a big life challenge lately and trying to get through it-its tough and stressful. Requires courage and strength to con’t moving, even through pain and suffering. So whatever you are going through know that you are not alone. All I keep thinking that it must get better….and this downward spiral will pass. Let’s hang in there, you and I.

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        1. Baby steps? Nah. Not my style. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of guy which is often why I get myself into such a pickle in the first place 🙂 Must learn to compromise.

          I’ve decided I’m not giving up so easily after all. I have a pre-written post or two I can use to stay active whilst I get my head together – just read them slowly OK?


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