More autumn colour from yesterday

The sunshine now seems a distant memory but here are some more pretty pictures to add to my two critter pics from yesterday. The first three are in the garden and the last few are in the greenhouse.


        1. Something else we have in common. My wife says I am part lizard – there is no such thing as too warm for me. We have had 30 years of separate holidays when I head south and she heads north!


          1. Smart people! Funny you should say that she thinks you are part lizard. When we are in the convertible I usually have my eyes closed and my face pointed to the sun. My husband will ask if I’m enjoying the heat and my reply is: “Yup, like a lizard on a rock.”

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            1. Yep, that’s me exactly. I was once the only person out on the grass outside work at lunchtime, on a rare day of 33C, wearing all black. I was just comfortably warm when I had to go back in. Today I was wearing three layers in the lab when my office mate Nicola was wearing a t- shirt. Nicola and Susan have this in common!

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  1. These are amazing pictures Darren. So many flower species around your house. To me, this is heaven on earth. At the risk of sounding stupid, how to you call the flowers shown in the third photo? Are they orchids?

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    1. The thing with the pink spikes of flowers? It does look very orchid like. It is Polygonum vaccinifolium. From the himalaya I think. Always looks great at this time of year and grows outside without any problems. Seems totally hardy.

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    1. Thank you Sophie. It is getting a bit out of hand if I’m honest. It now requires me to take a week’s leave from work each summer just to repot all the bulbs I grow in pots – I stopped counting when I got to 500 species…

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      1. 500 species!??!?! Wow that’s amazing!!! I am thinking back to 2 years ago when I tried to grow gerberas :’) I think I either watered them too much or not enough, lol!
        I think it’s great to spend like doing what you love! Nothing wrong with taking time off of work. We should be working to live, not living to work πŸ™‚

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  2. These pictures are brilliant. Except the last one, I haven’t seen these flowers here at my hometown. I love photographing flowers, insects and all natural things too. What a beautiful garden you must be having. πŸ™‚

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