Happy Diwali!


Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Light and falls on October 19th this year. We have two much loved Hindu ladies in my department, Binoti and Manisha, and each year we celebrate Diwali with them.


We celebrated a week early this year – which is good because I am away on the 19th and would have been SO upset at missing out!

This started as just a chemistry section Jacobs-Join thing with about 15 people but word has gotten around and this year there were around 80 guests, including some from the neighbouring buildings, and the event was catered by my favourite (vegetarian) Indian deli (RK Sweets in Preston). In fact it was the third time in a week I had eaten their food!

Here is me with Binoti and Manisha. They are good friends and such lovely people. The clothes they were wearing on the day were so beautiful! I have left them both a Diwali gift to open on the day whilst I am away (see later).


Here are some more pictures of the event.

Finally – I took delivery this week of some GiclΓ©e prints and greetings cards of my Indian spices picture so I have signed a couple and left one each as a gift for Binoti and Manisha for Diwali.




  1. So happy to read this post. First, let me say it. You look great Darren; it is a beautiful picture of you. Your lady friends are lovely too. I really like Indian clothing, nice fabric and so much details in the embroidery. Your friends dresses are colourful and beautiful. Seeing you happy and relax in a social event makes my day. This is great progress my friend. Keep going. Binoti and Manisha must have been so please with your gift. You know how much I like your artwork and I think you should start selling your art on Etsy or through your blog. Do you need an agent?

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    1. What a lovely comment Dominique. You are such a good friend.

      Hope they like their gifts but I left a typed note not to open until today so will likely get texts later. They won’t even know who they are from until they open them as I left them on their desks when they were out of the room!

      I am selling the cards via Susan’s work and they do OK. I could start doing the rounds of art fairs but they are at weekends which is my drawing time so would be self defeating in the end. I will consider online options, honestly, now I have found a printer I like. An agent? You offering? Don’t you have a busy enough life already?!

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  2. Diwali is my favourite festival out of all Indian festivals. I am feeling a little blue now that the Diwali season is over. I love the picture of Indian Spices. It is brilliant.

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    1. Thank you so much. I have grown to enjoy Diwali very much in the last three years since Binoti and Manisha came to work here. It is a real highlight of the year for me and I understand why you must be a little sad now it is over.
      Thank you for your feedback on my picture too. I was pleased with it πŸ™‚

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      1. Hope Binoti and Manisha introduce you to Holi too. It is another great festival which usually occurs during March. I am sure you would enjoy it a lot, plus it is a great day to take pictures. πŸ™‚

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