1. So cute! Here’s another cutie for you as I know you also like frogs. I didn’t find it in my garden, thankfully. This photo of Ranitomeya imitator, a tiny frog in the Amazon rainforest, was taking by a researcher I interviewed a while ago. With his permission, I used the pic for my blog to illustrate the art of the mix and matched pattern in fashion. I though you might like the colours and patterns of this specie. Note: This pretty frog is among the most toxic animals on the planet!

    I can’t paste the image in the reply box so here’s the link to the post: https://3cstyle.com/2016/08/11/even-frogs-love-to-mix-and-match/

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        1. Quite warm but damp here and I have felt rather out of sorts all day too but will be starting to make dinner soon which will be a welcome distraction. Susan’s request was for ‘something tasty’, which is not especially helpful but gives lots of scope!

          Went out for lunch and then spent the afternoon in the quiet of the greenhouse and all the neighbours are out for the day, so at least it has been peaceful. Not sure why I felt odd. Some days are going to be better than others eh?


          1. Yes, it seems so much can affect our moods. I do notice, however, when I skip my vitamins, which I hate to take, it starts to take a toll on my mood. My B vitamins and D also. Of course, if it’s damp, that could be lack of sunshine. Sorry, I’m a health nut on the side, much to my family’s chagrin;) They don’t always appreciate veggie burgers and carrot cookies. Glad your neighbors are out…that always helps! Good luck with dinner!!

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            1. Thank you! Lack of those vitamins is possible as I only started taking supplements again recently and have not seen the sun that much either. Also veggie of course, like you. I have a health idea for christmas and might be back for your input on it yet!

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              1. Nutrition and healthy eating are a huge passion of mine, so be glad to give any input, and hope I’m right:) one last thought, I know when I started going veggie, I read that B12 is one of the few things we can’t get from that diet, and that’s a huge mood booster. ok, i’m done!!:)

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