Onions and still no Massonia..

Well I’ve pretty much finished drawing the onion. I was apprehensive about it (as usual) but it turned out OK in the end (also as usual).


Predominant colour used here was Derwent Autumn Leaf, with several other shades where the onion skin tended towards redness. The cream coloured areas (both dry old skins and the freshly exposed layer in the crack across the brown skin) were done using Prismacolor Ginger Root.

I also used two of the Tombow Irojiten range for the first time – Autumn leaf (darker and less red than the Derwent version) and Chestnut (quite accurately named). I found them pleasant to use, similar to Polychromos in texture but perhaps a little harder.

So, I’m going to put this aside for a little while and try to get that Massonia started. I also have some Callicarpa berries to add to an older piece but don’t anticipate this taking too long.


This cool, bright, autumn has really suited many of the autumn flowering bulbs.

In the greenhouse at the moment several Massonia are in flower but also the closely related Daubenya. This is Daubenya stylosa, which also benefits from having a very nice scent.


Rather weirder is the Australian Orchid Pterostylis truncata. I grow a number of Pterostylis but the basic structure is the same. Some are more reddish in colour but the colloquial name ‘Greenhood’ pretty much suits all of them. Botanists have split Pterostylis into smaller genera but I’m resisting changing labels for now. Pterostylis make great subjects for graphite drawings, if I can find one I will try to post it on here.


We went to see the movie ‘Nocturnal Animals’ last weekend and found it so depressing we went home afterwards and watched the Shaun the Sheep movie to cheer us up. Last time this happened was when we saw ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ – supposedly a kids movie!