Artist’s (sun) block..

Otherwise known as – summer is here and we have lots to do outside so sitting at the drawing board causes much guilt when I could be weeding etc. Replacing the greenhouse and creating new frame space for the bulb collection has also been taking a lot of our time.

It might help that we have just moved my kit up to an east-facing room. Working in the west-facing room as I’ve done for the last 3 years was fine except on summer evenings when the sun shone directly on me or my work and I had to keep closing the blinds.

Before you say it – yes I know north-facing is best. Our house has only two north facing windows. One on the stairs and one in the bathroom above the loo! Neither location appeals.

The move also means I can’t see the back garden and my greenhouse (known as ‘Darren’s Den’ for a good reason). The Northern male is famous for being attached to his shed. Well my greenhouse is my equivalent. It isn’t as relaxing as you think as there is always something to do! Not being able to see it might help my concentration when I’m drawing. That said – the new location overlooks the front street so I may end up people-watching instead.

I do miss the CD player. I often suffer from tinnitus and try to avoid silence so I need my tunes but I’m discovering new music or live sets from favourite bands via Youtube on the iPad so you could say the move has expanded my musical horizons – see more about this later.

This ramble is my way of saying that progress on the hellebore picture has been somewhat lacking……though I have now completed the leaves. The white areas around the stem and the over-all, er, ‘triangularness’ of the image are bugging me. I reckon I’m going to have to add another stem behind this one to pad it out a bit and cover some of the white. Not hopeful this will be ready for use as a Christmas card this year…


This weeks favourite tunes/sets on youtube:

  • The Manic Street Preachers ‘Everything Live’ – I had this on VHS once and was actually at the gig!
  • My favourite band Low have a set live at Colorado College on youtube with a wonderful setlist including the sublime ‘Silver Rider’. I’m going to see them play here in the UK soon (my 5th Low gig) and can’t wait!